Healing Hearts Studies:

Binding Up the Brokenhearted

This is a 10 week Bible study for women who need help and hope from post abortion trauma. Groups are available to join.

Hem of His Garment Study

This is a 10 week bible study for women who want to experience freedom from their past. Groups are available to join.

First Love Bible Study

First Love: Embracing a Love that Lasts, guides young women (ages 13 and older) and their leaders through 22 weeks of studying God’s Word in a way that gives them real answers for real life.
This curriculum is divided into 3 parts to allow you the freedom to choose your pace for study.
Part 1 - Love Begins is 7 weeks of foundational teaching covering creation, sin, and their own need for the Cross, in order for them to “get” the big picture.
Part 2 - Loving God covers 9 weeks of how to love God with all of who they are. Particular sin struggles that greatly affect their ability to do this, such as an eating disorder, self-injury, depression, anxiety, premarital sex, etc., are directly addressed so that they understand God’s desire to see them healed and set free from sin.
Part 3 - Living Love Out spends 7 weeks sharing the biblical truth that living love out requires the laying down of their own lives. It also shows them “how” to live God’s love out to others, especially those whom they struggle to love. This part is especially helpful for students in conflict with parents, siblings, or peers at school.

For more information on either study, please contact Joanie Roth - 360-305-8605 - or email at joanie@healinghearts.org or you can visit the Healing Hearts website here.