Creekside Kids

Bring children into a relationship Jesus
Teach children the Word of God
Guide children in a lifelong relationship with Jesus

Jesus, Himself placed a high value on children. We are told in Matthew 19:14, that He desired the children to come unto Him, to be close to Him, to know Him. Our desire is that the children we serve would be captivated by Jesus at a very young age.

Sunday Morning Ministry

On Sunday mornings we provide children’s worship that is passionate and engaging, lessons that teach biblical truth and fun activities that reinforce the bible lesson.

We have the following age appropriate classes at both the 9 am and 11am services.

Nursery: 0-2 years
Toddlers: 2-3 years
Preschool : 4-5 years (5 year olds not in Kindergarten)
K-1st grade
2nd-3rd grade 
4th-5th grade

For any questions, please contact Bethany Pellerin –

Wednesday Night Ministry

6:30-8:00 pm

Nursery 0-2

Preschool 3-5 (5 year olds not in Kindergarten)

K-5th grade (K.I.D. Connection)

K.I.D. Connection (Kids in Discipleship)

Wednesday night children's ministry is focused on discipleship. We explore areas of our walk with the Lord through biblical examples and practical application. We have 5 connection groups:

Preschool, girls K-2nd , girls 3rd-5th , boys K-2nd and boys 3rd-5th.

Fall Theme: Worship

Sept 11 - Who do we worship?

Sept 25 - What do we worship?

Oct 9 - Why do we worship?

Oct 23 - Where do we worship?

Nov 6 - When do we worship ?

Nov 20 - How does worship change us?

Dec 4 - Christmas a season of worship ?(Christmas party)

Winter Theme: Prayer

January 15 - How do we pray?

January 29 - Should we pray?

February 12 - How often should we pray?

February 26 - Where should we pray?

March 11 - Who can we pray with?

March 25 - Why we can trust God when we pray

Spring Theme: Sharing our Faith

April 22 - What message do we share?

May 6 - When do we share?

May 20 - How do we share?

For any questions, please contact Bethany Pellerin –